Brent Smith of Shinedown Shares My Video

by Mandie the Photographer, October 25, 2018

I went to the Shinedown show at Jones Beach last month, and I had a great spot right up in the front of the sticky, sweaty mess that was the GA pit. (I mean holy humidity, Batman!) It was a great show. I caught Eric’s pick. I sang every song. I’m sure the 20 people closest to me have me on video screaming my fool head off. I have the same for them, so fair is fair.

At the end of the show I caught a video of Eric grabbing the mic from Brent and saying how we were the greatest front row. It’s not the best quality video, but it was a moment that I’m glad I caught. I posted it on Instagram here on September 3 and didn’t think much more of it. So you can imagine my surprise when a month later it shows up on Brent’s Instagram feed as a video he used to wish Eric a happy birthday!

(I mean, credit would have been nice though. I’m just saying.)

Here it is on Brent’s feed, and I hope Eric had a very happy birthday.

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