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I made the cover of the Long Island Advance

I’m very excited to announce that my photos of the Medford, NY 9-11 Memorial have made the cover of the 9/16/2021 edition of The Long Island Advance. You can also find two more of my photos on page 10. They have also included my photos on their website coverage of the event, which you can see here.

While a 9-11 Memorial is, of course, a solemn event, I can’t help but be excited and honored that the Advance chose my photos for the cover this year. I absolutely made sure to purchase a few copies of the paper for myself, and I will definitely have to frame this. Or perhaps I should start a scrapbook? I’m not really sure what the best way to preserve this would be. Are there any archivists around that can give me some tips?

So once again, a huge thank you to The Long Island Advance for choosing my work for the cover of their memorial edition. For the full gallery of photos from the event, you can see them here.

Breaking Glass Magazine’s Best Music Shots of 2019

Craig channeling his inner Scott Weiland, and doing a bang up job of it if I do say so myself.

Fantastic news! The fabulous folks over at Breaking Glass Magazine have once again been so kind as to include one of my photos in their Best Music Shots of the year. This year they added one of my favorite photos of Craig Cantos, the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots tribute band Unglued, who totally knows how to get his Scott Weiland on. Am I right? I mean, check out that hat!

These guys in Unglued are really a lot of fun and put on one heck of a show. As in love as I was with Scott Weiland in my teenage fantasies, I never did get to see Stone Temple Pilots play live with Scott at the helm. So when I got a chance to get my Interstate Love Song jam on with a room full of fellow STP fans, I jumped at the chance to sing along and take some photos. I am so glad I did because while no one could ever fill Scott’s shoes, Craig puts on such a lively show that he may just be the next best thing.

I want to thank Breaking Glass Magazine for including me again this year. I also want to recommend to everyone that if you’re ever on Long Island when Unglued is playing, you should definitely catch their show. Seriously, follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss their next event.

See the full gallery for this Unglued show here.

King Wellington T-Shirt Available at Coastal Kitchen

King Wellington & The Earth Peeples T-shirt available at Coastal Kitchen with my photo on it.

I took a trip out to Bay Shore, NY for the Arts by the Bay festival today. It’s a very cool street fair with lots of vendors, music, and great food. The vibe in the air is always lively and energetic with everyone in the street buzzing about, dancing to the live bands, and tasting snacks from all sorts of cuisines. Naturally while I was in the neighborhood I had to stop by to see my old friends at Coastal Kitchen. At the end of 2018, I spent some time at their restaurant taking photos for their 12 Days of Reggae festival, and I had a fantastic time. I got to dance and sing along to covers of some of my old reggae favorites, and I learned a lot of new songs as well.

Lobster Guacamole from Coastal Kitchen. Photo from my Instagram stories

I dropped by Coastal to have a nice island-inspired lunch of lobster guacamole with nachos, and good lord was it delicious. I definitely recommend giving it a try, but keep in mind that it’s filling so even though it looks like an appetizer, it’s probably not. Unless you’re sharing with someone, of course. Or you have a big appetite. You know what? You do you. I’m not gonna judge.

So I’m sitting at the bar swooning over my tasty, tasty lobster when I look up, and what do I see? A T-shirt for sale with my photo on it. Not me personally, of course. I’m not nearly cool enough yet to have my face on a shirt. It was a photo I took of King Wellington during the 12 Days of Reggae festival in December of last year. It’s a black shirt with “King Wellington & The Earth Peeples” written on the front, and “Coastal Sunday Funday Rum Punch + Reggae” written on the back.

It was a very cool moment for me because it was the first time I saw my work out in the wild. Anthony, the owner of Coastal Kitchen, gave me one of the shirts. It’s a neat feeling to have your work on display like that, and also to think that people would want to own something that you created. I mean, there are people out there right now who own a shirt with my work on the front of it. I have no idea why, but somehow it almost feels surreal.

If you’re on Long Island, you can pick up a shirt for yourself at Coastal Kitchen, and you can see the show gallery for King Wellington here.

Breaking Glass Magazine’s Best Music Shots of 2018

Jeff Keith of Tesla performing at The Paramount on 10/25/2018

The absolutely lovely folks over at Breaking Glass Magazine have decided, in their infinite wisdom of course, to include my photo of Tesla‘s Jeff Keith in their Best Music Shots of 2018.

I love this shot so much. If it looks like he’s miming slapping someone’s ass, he is totally miming slapping someone’s ass. I have the next shot with the follow through to prove it.

If you’ve never seen Tesla play live, Jeff Keith is an absolute hoot. The man spends the whole show not only belting out some of the greatest songs ever, but he’s also miming, dancing, spinning chairs, and just generally having what looks like the time of his life. It’s basically a one man show inside the full band’s show.

But don’t let me make it sound like he steals the spotlight. Definitely not. As entertaining as he is, Dave Rude, Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat, and Troy Luccketta truly hold their own. And while some of the moves seem a little choreographed, like this deal here, that doesn’t make them any less fun. There’s a reason why these men have been around as long as they have. They know how to bring it.

I’d like to send my absolute love and gratitude to Breaking Glass Magazine for including me this year. Also, you can see the show gallery for this Tesla show here.