I made the cover of the Long Island Advance


I’m very excited to announce that my photos of the Medford, NY 9-11 Memorial have made the cover of the 9/16/2021 edition of The Long Island Advance. You can also find two more of my photos on page 10. They have also included my photos on their website coverage of the event, which you can see here.

While a 9-11 Memorial is, of course, a solemn event, I can’t help but be excited and honored that the Advance chose my photos for the cover this year. I absolutely made sure to purchase a few copies of the paper for myself, and I will definitely have to frame this. Or perhaps I should start a scrapbook? I’m not really sure what the best way to preserve this would be. Are there any archivists around that can give me some tips?

So once again, a huge thank you to The Long Island Advance for choosing my work for the cover of their memorial edition. For the full gallery of photos from the event, you can see them here.


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