Breaking Glass Magazine’s Best Music Shots of 2019

Craig channeling his inner Scott Weiland, and doing a bang up job of it if I do say so myself.

Fantastic news! The fabulous folks over at Breaking Glass Magazine have once again been so kind as to include one of my photos in their Best Music Shots of the year. This year they added one of my favorite photos of Craig Cantos, the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots tribute band Unglued, who totally knows how to get his Scott Weiland on. Am I right? I mean, check out that hat!

These guys in Unglued are really a lot of fun and put on one heck of a show. As in love as I was with Scott Weiland in my teenage fantasies, I never did get to see Stone Temple Pilots play live with Scott at the helm. So when I got a chance to get my Interstate Love Song jam on with a room full of fellow STP fans, I jumped at the chance to sing along and take some photos. I am so glad I did because while no one could ever fill Scott’s shoes, Craig puts on such a lively show that he may just be the next best thing.

I want to thank Breaking Glass Magazine for including me again this year. I also want to recommend to everyone that if you’re ever on Long Island when Unglued is playing, you should definitely catch their show. Seriously, follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss their next event.

See the full gallery for this Unglued show here.


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